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Thursday, December 15, 2005


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March 17th 1909 in Seattle, Washington

December 13th 1993


Screenwriter/Art Director/Production Designer/Animator/Short Story Author/Screen Story/Producer/Architect

Bio Summary

Versatile talent lent to a long and project filed career in animation.

Early Life/Family

Born in Seattle, Washington


Studied as an architect, then moved on to film and eventually animation at Disney.

Career Outline

Anderson started out as an architect then began in animation as a sketch artist for MGM. After that he moved on to work on almost everything Disney.

Comments On Style



Versatile and with tremendous experience under his belt Anderson would have been sought after by other studios, if he hadn't chosen to stay with Disney throughout most the rest of his life.


Walt Disney called him the "jack of all trades".


He continued doing design for Disney theme parks even after retirement.


The Goddess of Spring (1934)(Animator)
Three Orphan Kittens (1935)(Animator)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (Art Director)
"Pastoral" section of Fantasia (1940) (Art Director)
Pinocchio (1940) (Art Director)
The Reluctant Dragon (1941)(Animator)
Song of the South (1946)(Animator)
Cinderella (1950)  (Screenwriter)
The Story of Three Loves (1953)(Actor)
Peter Pan (1953)(Consultant)
Sleeping Beauty (1959)(Production Designer)
101 Dalmatians (1961)(Production Designer)
Sword in the Stone (1963) (Art Director)
The Jungle Book (1967)  (Screenwriter)
The Aristocats (1970) (Screenwriter)
Robin Hood (1973)(Short Story Author)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)(Short Story Author) 
Pete's Dragon (1977)(Animator) 
The Rescuers (1977) (Screenwriter) 

Ken Anderson also contributed to the architectural designs of Disneyland and the EPCOT Center.


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1982
Honored as a Disney Legend in 1991 two years before he died

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Bibliographic References
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At 12:20 PM, Blogger Timothy Haney said...

Ken Anderson born 1909 in Seattle, Washington and was honored as a Disney Legend in 1991 two years before he died. He worked as the art director on feature films such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Pinocchio," "Fantasia," "Pete's Dragon," and "The Reluctant Dragon." He created characters and provided story ideas, Walt Disney called him the "jack of all trades." Ken Anderson also contributed to the architectural designs of Disneyland and the EPCOT Center.


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